Monday, July 25, 2011

Last week!

Where did the month go folks?

It's Toby here - one of the British work study artists. I've been out today with Gerry sourcing iron for the last pours of this month's casting extraviganza. Personally, I've lost count of the pours now, but its at least seven. I've just asked Gerry for an estimate on the amount of iron which has passed through 'Lady D', and he recons at least 12,000lbs. (As I'm something of a nerd, I can put that into context by telling you thats the same as the payload of a four engined 6000hp WW2 Lancaster heavy bomber!). And talking of heavy weights, we have the promise of a 1000lb ladle load on Thursday and a 2000lbs load on Saturday. Thats a SERIOUS amount of metal!!! Another exciting spectacle not to be missed.

Please come along and show your support. Not only is a visit to Sculpture Trails a great day out, but your kind donations ensure the continuing growth and development of an exciting project which attracts international sculptors into the heart of the local community.

Personally, I have a load of work to do to try and get my piece finished before I go back to the UK, so I best get cracking on. I'll have a word with the rest of the team here and try and get you some of the latest photos up to show you who's been up to what.

Hope to see you soon!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


That's right folks - its time to get yourselves down to Sculpture Trails! All day long, people are going to be calling on by to experience the fun and excitement of what happens when you unleash the creative passion of a international groups of artists.

Members of the public are being welcomed to take a stroll through the cool 60 acres of shaded woodland, where they can see over 50 contemporary sculptures set into beautiful and secluded woodland glades. For the artistically inspired, there's also the opportunity to buy a 'scratch block' sand mold, carve a design of your own and actually watch your unique piece of art being cast as part of the big evening event: From 8:00 until 10:00, we'll be doing a 'night pour' - tapping and pouring the glowing iron in a spectacular display.

Chances for the public to see a live Iron pour do not come around often - and this one promises to be extra special, as the Sculpture Trails crew and artists will be on hand to talk to you.

So, get yourselves down to 6764 North Tree Farm Road, Solsberry, Indiana 47459 anytime from 10.00 this morning to 8.00 tonight for a truly memorable experience. Bring a camera and a picnic! We're looking forwards to seeing you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Almost Time!

First, let us apologize to everyone for the lapse in blog updates recently. We have been so busy here getting ready for the opening reception and Fire At Night Iron Pour which will take place this Saturday, July 23, that we simply haven't had time. If you're planning to join us on the 23rd, make sure you come out to check out all the work that has been done this month.

The crew has been working so hard over the past week to make sure our artists have everything they need to be ready for the big pour on Saturday. Tonight we are getting ready for a small pour tomorrow (21st), so if you can't make it Saturday, you should come out and have a look. We're avoiding the heat of the day - for obvious reasons when you're clad in head to toe in sweltering leathers! - so we plan to pour between 9:00pm and 10:00 in the evening. However, if you don't make it out later but still would like to walk around the trail and speak with some of our artists, please pop on by, we'd love to see you. If you come early, you'll also have the chance to purchase and make a simple mold (our group of international sculptors will be pleased to show you how). You'll then have a chance to see your sculpture being poured later on in the evening. A piece of unique art, made by you, poured by our experts as part of a spectacular event. You'd be crazy to miss it!

Our artists this week have kept us all on our toes, offering us new challenges and creating beautiful new works of art for our galleries. We cannot wait to see all the finished pieces for the new exhibition. We'd be even more excited to see you here to find out what you think. Please come along on the 23 - we'll be open all day and plan to pour the iron at 8!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The morning after...

Last night saw the Sculpture Trails crew and artists do their second pour. Hot glowing iron flowed into mold after mold - with a total of 1500lbs of metal shifted. For the more technically minded amongst you, it was done in 8 taps and with 40 minutes! Thats only 5 minutes from tap to tap, a new Sculpture Trails record, and testament to the strong team spirit which has grown amongst the group. Adrenalin was followed by elation and a good celebration of a job well done. Everyone went to bed highly satisfied.

This morning is stage #2 of the excitement: The artists are breaking open their molds and surveying the results - all considered excellent so far, you'll be pleased to hear. The rest of the day will be about cleaning, chasing and fettling the iron.

British artist Caro Sweet examines a piece and contemplates the next steps
The end of a very successful pour and the 'bottom drop'

If you come visit, you'll see that pouring a piece is only a small part of the challenge of running Sculpture Trails - there are a whole lots of other elements which go into making the place what it is, from preparing sites and clearing brush to restoring existing sculptures. This is only possible due to the infectious enthusiasm and of the Masse family, so hats off to them from all from us!

Next on the exciting schedule is an aluminum pour at 10am tomorrow. As per usual, please feel free to come along and join us (Sculpture Trails is open every day from sun up to sun down).

Another fine pour marks a good point to remind you all that submissions are open for the July 2012 Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops. There's also an opportunity to take advantage of the 'early bird' offer if you're quick! Visit the link here to find out about becoming part of the team!

Detail from finished piece by one of this year's workshop artists, Mary Klopfer

Don't forget our Facebook group page - please come and 'like' us and help spread the word!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Iron!

Today is another busy day at Sculpture Trails, we are all in high-gear preparing for tonight. We expect to tap the furnace Lady D at 8pm tonight for our second pour of the month. It will be a very exciting event as Gerry Masse expects that we will pour 2000lbs of iron (or more!) If you can't make it out to watch us in action today, we will have an even bigger pour on July 23rd for The Fire at Nite event, where you can make scratch-blocks and watch your art work being cast - or just come out for a good time. What's a scratch-block?! It's the name for a fun way to introduce yourself to the art of mould making - you use a sharp point like a nail to scratch a design into some sand. It's quick, easy and will produce you a small plaque as a permanent momento of your visit here. All yours for just $20!

**Sculpture Trails Fun Fact: The furnace "Lady D" is named after founder Gerry Masse's mother Diane, without the support of Diane and husband Gerry Senior the trails could not exist, Diane is also a fabulous cook taking great care of the crew this month.

Yesterday was a great day for the crew we are into full swing with the new group of workshop artists, they are making not only beautiful work but of an impressive quantity as well. If you are interested in attending a July workshop next year, you can sign up now on the Sculpture Trails website.

Yesterday the crew restored Gerry Masse's large sculpture on the hill, this is the first time in many years that the kinetic mechanism works. You can come out and see it in full 'swing.' Later in the afternoon the crew took a break from the heat to hear artist Nathan Goodson explain his "Eclectromelt" system for melting/burning wax out of a resin bonded sand mold.

We also received 3600lbs of cement to make pedestals for the new gallery site, the crew has been 'rallying hard' (as we say here) to finish the site and it looks fantastic. If you want a preview of whats happening, have a look at the slide show "Take a Walk on the Trails" by work study artist Robin Baker .

We hope to see you tonight for the pour!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sculpture Love... it's a powerful thing

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope everyone is keeping cool on this warm summer day!
We are pushing hard to get ready for the Fire at Night Iron Pour.
Yesterday was very productive as the crew restored "Supporting Nature" one of the largest pieces at the trails by artist and Sculpture Trails founder Gerry Masse. The piece looks great and we couldn't be more excited to continue to bring such great sculpture to the area.

We have been busy preparing for the exciting 'Fire at Night Iron Pour' we are casting scratch blocks that are available for $20 to the public. Come pick up a scratch block before the pour to work on at home or come on the 23rd the day of the pour to work on them here.

The crew has been working very hard on the first gallery site and clearing space for a brand new exhibit. New pieces are installed everyday and artists are always making more beautiful work.  Keep a close eye on the trails and the blog, the crew has a little surprise in store. 

The 23rd is quickly approaching and we can't wait to see everyone there but don't be shy, come see the progress we make everyday with our great crew and talented artists.

See you soon!
- The Trails Crew

Sunday, July 10, 2011

End of First Week

It's been a busy week at the Trails! It's the end of the first week of our annual Iron Casting Workshop and we are so excited about the amazing work our artists have produced! Every July our shop is filled with artists from around the world who spend a week with us and produce works of art. We are always impressed by the amount of work it takes to produce these pieces, but this year we were so excited to have 9 work-study artists who will spend the entire month with us working on the Trails and assisting artists,  as well as having the opportunity to create work while the are with us. A big "Thank-You" goes out to all the Trails family as well. Without you none of the creative and wonderful things we do here would be remotely possible.
This week we're preparing to kick into high gear as we welcome 5 new artists to the Trails as well as finish preparations for our Fire At Night Iron Pour and Cast Iron Exhibition Gallery opening on July 23rd. We can't wait to show the public all the work that we and our artists have put in over the last several weeks. We want to encourage as many people as possible to come out and visit us during July. There is always art being created and something going on!
- The Trails Crew