Thursday, July 14, 2011

The morning after...

Last night saw the Sculpture Trails crew and artists do their second pour. Hot glowing iron flowed into mold after mold - with a total of 1500lbs of metal shifted. For the more technically minded amongst you, it was done in 8 taps and with 40 minutes! Thats only 5 minutes from tap to tap, a new Sculpture Trails record, and testament to the strong team spirit which has grown amongst the group. Adrenalin was followed by elation and a good celebration of a job well done. Everyone went to bed highly satisfied.

This morning is stage #2 of the excitement: The artists are breaking open their molds and surveying the results - all considered excellent so far, you'll be pleased to hear. The rest of the day will be about cleaning, chasing and fettling the iron.

British artist Caro Sweet examines a piece and contemplates the next steps
The end of a very successful pour and the 'bottom drop'

If you come visit, you'll see that pouring a piece is only a small part of the challenge of running Sculpture Trails - there are a whole lots of other elements which go into making the place what it is, from preparing sites and clearing brush to restoring existing sculptures. This is only possible due to the infectious enthusiasm and of the Masse family, so hats off to them from all from us!

Next on the exciting schedule is an aluminum pour at 10am tomorrow. As per usual, please feel free to come along and join us (Sculpture Trails is open every day from sun up to sun down).

Another fine pour marks a good point to remind you all that submissions are open for the July 2012 Cast Iron Sculpture Workshops. There's also an opportunity to take advantage of the 'early bird' offer if you're quick! Visit the link here to find out about becoming part of the team!

Detail from finished piece by one of this year's workshop artists, Mary Klopfer

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