Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Iron!

Today is another busy day at Sculpture Trails, we are all in high-gear preparing for tonight. We expect to tap the furnace Lady D at 8pm tonight for our second pour of the month. It will be a very exciting event as Gerry Masse expects that we will pour 2000lbs of iron (or more!) If you can't make it out to watch us in action today, we will have an even bigger pour on July 23rd for The Fire at Nite event, where you can make scratch-blocks and watch your art work being cast - or just come out for a good time. What's a scratch-block?! It's the name for a fun way to introduce yourself to the art of mould making - you use a sharp point like a nail to scratch a design into some sand. It's quick, easy and will produce you a small plaque as a permanent momento of your visit here. All yours for just $20!

**Sculpture Trails Fun Fact: The furnace "Lady D" is named after founder Gerry Masse's mother Diane, without the support of Diane and husband Gerry Senior the trails could not exist, Diane is also a fabulous cook taking great care of the crew this month.

Yesterday was a great day for the crew we are into full swing with the new group of workshop artists, they are making not only beautiful work but of an impressive quantity as well. If you are interested in attending a July workshop next year, you can sign up now on the Sculpture Trails website.

Yesterday the crew restored Gerry Masse's large sculpture on the hill, this is the first time in many years that the kinetic mechanism works. You can come out and see it in full 'swing.' Later in the afternoon the crew took a break from the heat to hear artist Nathan Goodson explain his "Eclectromelt" system for melting/burning wax out of a resin bonded sand mold.

We also received 3600lbs of cement to make pedestals for the new gallery site, the crew has been 'rallying hard' (as we say here) to finish the site and it looks fantastic. If you want a preview of whats happening, have a look at the slide show "Take a Walk on the Trails" by work study artist Robin Baker .

We hope to see you tonight for the pour!

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