Saturday, July 23, 2011


That's right folks - its time to get yourselves down to Sculpture Trails! All day long, people are going to be calling on by to experience the fun and excitement of what happens when you unleash the creative passion of a international groups of artists.

Members of the public are being welcomed to take a stroll through the cool 60 acres of shaded woodland, where they can see over 50 contemporary sculptures set into beautiful and secluded woodland glades. For the artistically inspired, there's also the opportunity to buy a 'scratch block' sand mold, carve a design of your own and actually watch your unique piece of art being cast as part of the big evening event: From 8:00 until 10:00, we'll be doing a 'night pour' - tapping and pouring the glowing iron in a spectacular display.

Chances for the public to see a live Iron pour do not come around often - and this one promises to be extra special, as the Sculpture Trails crew and artists will be on hand to talk to you.

So, get yourselves down to 6764 North Tree Farm Road, Solsberry, Indiana 47459 anytime from 10.00 this morning to 8.00 tonight for a truly memorable experience. Bring a camera and a picnic! We're looking forwards to seeing you.

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